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Created in July 2007, Phantom Rose closed on December 27, 2015.

After 8 years, Phantom Rose in SL closed. I am leaving these pages as a Legacy and a place for all who loved Phantom Rose in SL to come and reminisce. Love and thanks to all who shared my dream in SL. See you at Inworldz!

If you like the idea of living in a majestic castle, in a beautiful gothic romance community, but dont't feel up to heavy roleplay, then you are at the right place!  Phantom Rose has all the romance and atmosphere of a gothic sim, without the hassle of constant roleplay.  Come see for yourself the beauty and relaxation of this wonderful region.

There is much to explore!  You can ride or walk our horse trails, you can sail the waterways, dance by the ocean, swim, enjoy Swan Lake or sit at one of the many tranquil spots around Phantom Rose. Walk the plank at Pirate Island! Or take a pirate skiff out for a sail. Jump in and swim and you can find the Mermaid Grotto!

But there is danger... Do you dare visit the Graveyard... They say its Haunted!  And Beware of the Graveyard Cove.  If you fall in the water, you might never come out!  Can you find the Phantom's Lair?  If you can follow the rose trail or hold your bearth to explore underwater, you may find it!  Will you play the Phantom's Organ?  Or perhaps take his boat and sail?



Lannorra Sion, Owner/Creator

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