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Suzetta Moonites Blog

January, 2013

Here we are in a new year! Phantom Rose had a wonderful Christmas. We had lots of events and my new Christmas Musical was well received. It was a lot of work, but so much fun. My staff and I are almost finished with the videos, so that anyone who missed it, can go to the website and watch it! I should have that up in another week. I am still hoping to finish my newest Ballet for Febrauary.

I have added a new feature to Phantom Rose. I now have two rentals especially designed for Petites and Minikins! There is a special area set up for them. Even if you are a "biggy" if you want to see, you can find a LM at the rental board from the Available Castles giver. Go take a look and if you know anyone looking for petite rentals, please pass the LM on. Thanks!

We have reached the half way point to our SIXTH anniversary for Phantom Rose. Please help us get to our 6th birthday in July. Pass along LMs to anyone looking for a rental, LM to my stores at Phantom Rose, or consider donating. It is getting harder and harder in Second Life to justify the costly sim prices. I support the sim with sales at my stores, donations, rentals, weddings and elopements. Over the years, many of you have been generous supporters and I want you to know how very much I appreciate that. Thank you!

Warmest Regards, Lannorra


October, 2012

It's fall at Phantom Rose! The leaves are turning and there is a nip in the air.

I am excited to tell you that I have been working very hard on a musical theater project to present to you this December. Its a sweet love story, set to some of your favorite popular Christmas songs! I am also working on a new ballet that is based on a Pan legend that should be ready for January. So as you can see I've been very busy! I hope you are all enjoying the many activities we have at Phantom Rose.

I want to bring to your attention a new place I have added to the sim, called Market Square. This small area is based on the real life town of Portsmouth, NH and plays Portsmouth Community Radio, WSCA-LP 106.1 FM, 24/7. We will be hosting a new event there on Wednesdays from 3-4pm slt, starting Nov 7th, a live radio show called, Show Tunes! I hope you will stop by and have a listen. It features all your favorties songs from the best of musical theater.

Warmest Regards, Duchess Lannorra


July, 2012

Here we are in July and Phantom Rose has turned 5 years old. WOW! When I created this sim in 2007, little did I realize just how much a piece of virtual land could come to mean to me. Phantom Rose has been my SL home, my creative playground, a place to encourage artists from all over the world and a fertile ground for making wonderful friendships.

We have had several events to commemorate this significant milestone. And as we move out of July, I hope that many of you will take the time to come explore Phantom Rose and enjoy the many activities offered.

As with the RL economy, SL's economy has definately taken a downward trend. For years I have been able to offer entertainment and Phantom Rose's activities to everyone in world free of charge, using rentals of my castles and sales from my stores to subsidize the sim. That is becoming more and more difficult. So I am asking for your help. If you know of anyone who needs a place to live, please point them to Phantom Rose. Also, I sell many lovely items, please check out my stores both in world and at the MarketPlace online. Every little bit helps. I thank you all for your support.

Warmest Regards, Duchess Lannorra



April, 2012

Where does the time go?? We are already into April and only 4 months from Phantom Rose's FIFTH anniversary!! The sim is now fully into Spring, green and lush, with flowers starting to pop up! Come enjoy some boating, horse backriding, exploring or dancing.

I have some exciting things coming up very soon, that I can't wait to tell you about. My Store Gilt is expanding into the virtual universe and is almost ready to open at the INWORLDZ grid! I will be making the GRAND OPENING announcement for the new store complex with the INWORLDZ LM, very soon.

And here is hint... my store isn't the only thing that is expanding to INWORLDZ... you will have to wait for that announcement... grins!

So needless to say, I am a very busy girl these days working in TWO grids! If you are at INWORLDZ also, send me an IM and I will give you a tour.

All this does not minimize my work at SL. We still have James and Dilah events, along with my monthly Lightshow. Plus, Lillianne Heartsdale will be back singing at the Ruins very soon. So lots of fun things to do at Phantom Rose this spring!

Warmest Regards, Lannorra


December, 2011

The Holidays are fully upon us! I hope those of you who could not make it to our VERY PHANTOM CHRISTMAS events, have stopped by the Opera House to pick up your keepsake Xmas Tree and ornaments that I made this year as a gift for my many friends and guests.

The new year is going to be very busy for me in my RL, but I am always only an email away. We have several extremely talented performers scheduled for January. I hope you will come see James, Dilah, Lillianne and of course join me for my month Lightshow! Please watch the calendar for other events as they pop up.

I have so much to be thankful for this year, and my many friends and supporters of Phantom Rose these past four and half years are a cherished part of my SL. I want to thank you all for helping to keep Phantom Rose alive in these financially challenging times.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year!

Warmest Regards, Lannorra Sion.


October, 2011

Fall has come to Phantom Rose and along with the change in weather has come other changes as well - exciting new contrbutors to Phantom Rose! First of all, I am very pleased to announce that Terezza Resident has joined the staff as our new Event Manager. She is already doing a really fabulous job with our events! Please contact her if you have an event that you would like to bring to Phantom Rose.

My second exciting news is I am very honored to announce that Musician and Composer, Billy Mikoyan has joined us as the Phantom Rose Opera House Composer in Residence!! If you haven't heard Billy's wonderful compositions, please plan to join us soon. You will be glad you did.

October also brings the 25th anniversary of the opening of Andrew Lloyd Webber's production of the Phantom Of the Opera! We are pleased to present to you on that exact date, Oct 9th, a wonderful production of the show with live singing performances and fantastic sets! We also have another live performance on Wed, Oct 12th with music from the show. On Friday, Oct 14th, we will be showing the 2004 movie. Sat, Oct 15th the lovely and talented Dilah Halostar will perfrom a few Phantom songs along with her song list. And lastly, on Sat, Oct 22, Billy Mikoyan will be performing at the Phantom's Lair (under the Opera House). He has some special organ music planned and something written just for Phantom Rose!!

Please join us this October for all our wonderful events!

Warmest Regards, Duchess Lannorra

August, 2011

Summer is flying past as usual. After our big birthday celebration for Phantom Rose I left on a RL vacation, which used up most of July. This month I spent putting a new elopement area in... Fairy Tale Elopement! It was inspired by Disney's Cinderella Castle and there is even a pumpkin coach ride to the wedding hall. I am very pleased with my creation of the Castle and coach... Come take a look when you have time. As with all my elopements at Phantom Rose, this one includes an automatic Officiant (Drax and I wrote the script being used), a full reception area with an elegant cake (and cake cutting pose for pictures), champagne and dancing. These elopements help to support the sim so that I can continue to offer great entertainment to our many guests that visit Phantom Rose.

I will be presenting one of our fabulous Lightshows on Aug 28th, at 1pmslt, to finish off August. We have a great line-up of live singers and shows for the Opera House in Sept. If you haven't been to visit lately, come on over, there are new castles and lots of great things to explore!

Warmest Regards, Duchess Lannorra


July, 2011

Well its finally here! Phantom Rose is officially FOUR YEARS OLD! It seems like only yesterday I decided to make a new environment that combined my love of Phantom of the Opera and Anne Rice, which perfectly embody my ideal of Gothic Romance. A little decadent, a little old fashion, a dash of danger; stir in beautiful scenery and majestic castles and you have Phantom Rose.

For the past four years I have worked hard to bring you something unique and interesting in Second Life. Phantom Rose combines gothic romance with a beautiful and peaceful environment that can be enjoyed by anyone in SL. Although we are a mature sim, our events are generally PG. Over the years, Phantom Rose has hosted 100s of events and a multitude of visitors and received much praise and positive feedback.

As we start our 5th Year, I have many new ideas to share with you and some special surprises. It promises to be our BEST year yet!

Warmest Regards, Lannorra


June, 2011

May was a busy month for Isobel and me. We have been spending hours planning, designing, building, and rehersing a new Opera for the Opera House. I am very pleased to announce that we will Present Romeo & Juliet this month!! The music is a recording from a french Opera and is really wonderful. The sets are fantastic (if I do say so myself!) and our live actors, Isadora Shilling and Howard Setner have been working hard to bring you a wonderful theater experience! The final animation sequence was provided to us by Fantasy Difference and you will not want to miss this! We will be doing TWO shows on Sunday, June 12th - 7am slt and 5pm slt. So please plan to be there early and support the Phantom Rose Opera House!

In other news, I want to remind you all that our BIG CELEBRATION for Phantom Rose's FOUTH YEAR ANNIVERSARY is coming up in July. We will have a Week long celebration with performers, ballet,Balls, a Concert at the Lair and much more. I hope you all will be able to stop by during the week to wish us happy birthday!

Warmest Regards, Lannorra


April, 2011

Wow, amazing that I am actually blogging at the BEGINNING of a month instead of the end! LOL. As usual my RL has been keeping me busy and I have not been able to schedule many events for the Opera House. I will be starting up the Lightshows again this month! With a sprecial show for the last Sunday of April. For some folks that is Easter, but I hope that you will still have time to come experience the beauty of music set to a fabulous lightshow!

I have finally found time to get some more pictures up on FLICKR and actually put some links up. If you go to the Opera House or Castles main pages, you will now find a link to my sets in FLICKR. And thank you to Terry for kicking me in the butt to finally do it! (smiles).

We are only four months out from our HUGE FOURTH BIRTHDAY celebration. I dont know exactly what I will have going on, but marking a four year anniversary is something very special. And I couldn't have done it without the support of my SL family, friends and residents.

I hope to see you soon!

Warmest Regards, Lannorra


March, 2011

First I want to thank our good friend, Dillon Janus, for providing some spectacular LIVE singers for this month! Along with our always fabulous, Dilah Halostar, this month has seen Sultry Sonata, Donny Collaza, Joaquin Gustav and this coming Sunday, Hedy Patrucci! They are all wonderful.

Speaking of great friends to the Phantom Rose Sim... I want to direct your attention to the new LINK to the Left side of my Blog - Suzetta Moonites Blog. Suzetta, a long time supporter of Phantom Rose, put a fantastic article about my Lightshows in her Blog. Please follow the link and enjoy her "Sweet Reds Outlook on Life". She has provided beautiful pictures from around Phantom Rose! I really appreciate the publicity. If you have added items about Phantom Rose to your websites, please IM me and give me the link and I will include you here!

Spring has come to Phantom Rose, the snow is all gone, (except for on top of Skate Mountain) and the flowers have started to pop up. Come visit us soon and have fun exploring. If you know of anyone looking for a wonderful community to live in, please send them our way. Its thru the rentals and weddings that I am able to keep offering all the wonderful events and amenities at Phantom Rose.

Warmest Regards, Lannorra


January, 2011

Happy New Year everyone!

I have been very busy in RL, so Ive not been able to be in SL as much as I would like.

Warmest Regards, Lannorra


July, 2010

Happy Third Birthday, Phantom Rose! This month was busy with birtday celebration events, starting off with a Masked Ball... and will end this Friday with a special video documentary about the making of the Phantom of the Opera, "Behind the Mask". We had a great turn out for our events and I was so proud to present my new Machinima "Phantom Rose - Let your Fantasy Begin". If you weren't able to attend the debut event, please find the link from the Opera House main page, just click the Video button. In addition, I finally put up the first act of the wonderful Just Dance! presentation, "Finding Isadora". I promise I will put the rest of the acts up soon.

I will be away for the next week, on a RL vacation. But we will still be having our monthly lightshow on the 25th! A fabulous lightshow set to the equally fabulous music of Tchaikovsky!

Warmest Regards, Lannorra


June, 2010

May was a great month at Phantom Rose! We kicked off the month with our Incredible Celebrate Art! Fair. I just want to say here, that Terry Somersley worked wonders on this event and I could never have done it without her help. You might have seen one of the several articles that were published about the day. We had a great turnout and it was really a wonderful day!

Last Sunday, I did a Mozart Flute concert that was very well attended and I want to thank you all for your continuing support of the Opera House!

My exciting news for July: PHANTOM ROSE TURNS 3 YEARS OLD!!!! That is right... we have a new milestone. And to celebrate 3 successful years, we will be having a Masked Ball at the Opera House on Saturday, July 10th, along with a cool Goth event at the Graveyard (think goth, vampires, Anne Rice...). On Sunday, July 11th at our regular 1pm time, we will have an amazing Organ music concert, performed by... who else, the PHANTOM. You will want to come early, as seating is limited in the Phantom's Lair and this will be a really special concert you wont want to miss!!

Warmest Regards, Lannorra

April, 2010

Wow, where does the time go?? Spring is in full force and I am happy to introduce Terry Somersley, the Opera House Asst Manager, to you all. Terry has proved to be an amazing help to me over the past few months. She has taken on the lead for a HUGE, ALL DAY event on May 2. Celebrate Art! Fair. Please see the Phantom Rose Events page for more information! You wont't want to miss this fabulous all day event with games, art exhibits, merchants, performances, fashion show and raffles!

I recently made up a Map for Phantom Rose with all our wonderful castles and attractions labeled. You will be recieving a copy of this map.

I would like to also direct your attention to a new feature on our website... We now have a RL store, where you can order lots of items with the Phantom Rose branding on it. This logo is copyrighted and exclusive to Phantom Rose. Bring a little piece of your SL into RL with mugs, mouse pad (very cool pic), notecards, and much more! You will find the link on the Home Page. All proceeds are used to help keep Phantom Rose and the Opera House running. Thanks!

In other news, we now have a brand new Enchanted Glen area, stop by and enjoy!

Hope to see you all soon.

Warmest Regards, Lannorra


February, 2010

Wow, I know it's been a long time since I updated my blog, but the Holidays were just a very busy time for me, as I am sure they were for you all! I hope you all got a chance to see Phantom Rose decked out in Christmas decorations! We had a Xmas island again and the main canal was iced over for skating.

But spring has come and Phantom Rose is back to green lushness and flowers are starting to bloom. Pirate Island is back with swimming and boating. But as many of you know, if you want to skate, you can take the chair lift to Skate Mountain and still enjoy some winter fun! The automatic couples/single skater is waiting, along with some dances and places to hang out, while you listen to Martini in the Morning!

I am looking forward to our two Valentine balls this month. Our 3rd annual Vampire Valentine Ball on 2/13, has all the gothic romance you could want. Then on Sunday, 2/14 we have the Opera House Valentine Ball, Love is in the Aria!

I want to welcome our newest residents to Phantom Rose! I hope to see you all at our events! I will be planning more Phantom Rose events for this spring.

If anyone would like to become involved in planning our activities, or have ideas they would like to see done at the Opera House, please IM me and we can talk. I am always looking to help new artists get started. The Opera House is a non-profit venue decated to promoting cultural understanding thru the arts.

Warmest Regards, Duchess Lannorra


November, 2009

Well October was incredibly busy for me in RL, but things are settling down now and you will see me in SL more often!

I want to thank everyone who came out for the Spooktacular Lightshow and Halloween Ball. We really had a wonderful time! And having the lightshow at the Graveyard certainly did add to the Halloween theme!

This month, the Opera House has an event every Sunday! I will be doing a special piano concert this Sunday. And of course, at the end of the month we will be doing another Fabulous light show. In December, mark your calendars for another round of Lightshows to the Trans Siberian Orchastra's xmas music!! I will be doing several shows on different days/times, not just Sundays, in order to reach the most people!

You will notice there's a nip in the air at Phantom Rose and the season is changing. I saw the fall folliage out and soon it will snow!

Don't forget all the great activities we have: Horseback riding, ice skating, tai chi, boats and many wonderful romantic spots for dancing or just chilling!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Warmest Regards, Lannorra


September, 2009

If you missed the lightshow this month, you missed a fabulous show. The music was from John Williams, the great Movie Maestro, including his themes to Superman, Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark and many more. We had a nice turnout!

This has been a very busy month for me in my RL. My job is keeping me very busy, so I know I haven't been in world as much lately. However, for October I am plannning an incredible Halloween celebration at the end of the month. I hope you will all join us! We will be having a special Lightshow, an hour earlier than normal, then a spooky and fun Danse Macabre Ball at the Graveyard!

In other news, we have a new Resident in Grayson Manor, Reme Skytower and his partner, Marisuya. Please give them a warm Phantom Rose welcome when you see them.

Hope to see you all soon! Warmest Regards, Lannorra


AUGUST, 2009

Wow, this month has flown by! The Phantom Rose birthday ball was well attended and was a very very lovely time! Friends, old and new, stopped by to say happy 2 years and to wish us well. The music was devine and the dancing wonderful! Please use the new LINK on this page to the AList to see some fabulous pictures of the Opera House!

I also want to mention that I am now offering free demo horses to use on the sim. So now you don't have to own a horse to ride our trails. Just go to the beginning of the Trails, and follow the instructions to get a free horse to use.

More Exciting news... we will be having an Opera based Scavenger Hunt on August 30, at 1pm. We have some really fun items you will search for around the sim, and some great prizes! Everyone who collects the 10 tokens and submits them to me on time, will receive a prize! The FIRST person to drop on me the correct tokens, will also receive a beautiful Trophy and extra prizes! So mark your calendars and be sure to come to the Opera House on Sunday, August 30th!

Lastly, we have some new residents at Phantom Rose this month! Please take time to say hi to Desiree in Amberly Hall, and to Tasha and Talon in Castle Dunbayne!

Look forward to seeing you all soon... Warmest Regards, Lannorra.

JULY, 2009

This month I am very excited to announce that Phantom Rose is officially TWO YEARS OLD! Back in July, 2007, I rented a sim to develop a different kind of living space. Something I would come to call "Romantic Gothic". A long time rabid fan of the Andrew Lloyd Webber production of The Phantom of the Opera and Anne Rice vampire tales, I drew on them both for my inspiration for Phantom Rose. I wanted a lush, romantic island, but with a gothic edge. I terraformed the region into many small islands, so that each castle I rented would have their own space, including their own beach and that fabulous, endless ocean view! The centerpiece of the Island was, of course, The Opera House! I was so intimidated by that build. It had to be special and fabulous. Over the two years, I have had many visitors tell me that its one of the most beautiful Opera Houses in all of Second Life, so I am gratified to think I succeeded. After about 6 months, I had most of the castles rented out, when I got an opportunity to buy an island of my own. I jumped at the chance! Since the island was all my own builds, I was able to recreate Phantom Rose and move all my residents in about 5 days! Quite a featl LOL. That was December 07.

Over the years, I have made some changes. I took out two of the castles in order to make our Pirate Island and huge waterfall. And I added some lovely wedding areas, but mostly Phantom Rose has retained its original vision and beauty. I have found many pictures on the web, taken by visitors and residents, and it is amazing to me to know how many people have been touched by my creations.

We will be having a Masquerade Ball at the Opera House this month, so check out the calendar for the sim (or Opera house) for details. For those of you who have never found the Phantom's Lair, this is another chance to immerse yourself in the music of the night.

I hope all my friends, old and new, will join us for this very special Occasion! I look foward to seeing you all at the Ball. Warmest Regards, Lannorra.

JUNE, 2009

Lannorra has just finished a huge Project. Its Vegas Quickies, and includes a retro Drive In theater and Diner, where Oldies are always on! Next door is a hilarious new experience in Second Life... Vegas Quickies Drive Thru Divorces and Weddings.

On the Divorce side, you will follow the road to Closure as you get advice and help from several celebrities, including Dr. Phil (mandatory counseling) and Judge Judy! This is a hilarious ride that will have you laughing all the way thru! Lots of fun, for only $100L each.

Vegas Quickies Drive Thru Weddings: Something different and new! Drive Thru weddings at Vegas Quickies. Hop in your Pink or Red Cadillac, either alone or bring another couple! For $100L each, this fun and exciting automated wedding takes you thru 3 of Vegas's most famous shows: Liberace, Sigfried and Roy, and the fabulous Circe du Soliel! You will have ample time to take pictures at these stops, to commemorate your exciting Vegas Wedding! After the shows, your car pulls up to the Drive Thru Wedding Chapel, where Elvis is waiting to perform your ceremony. After giving him your names, he will marry you as only Elvis could! Once your ceremony is over, you get one last Vegas photo opportunity as JUST MARRIED. At the end of the ride, waits a fabulous reception area, where you can tp in your friends and for the inexpensive amount of $50L each, you can party for an hour, with Elvis and his showgirls. Take pictures with him, dance, cut your cake, listen to love songs or elvis only radio!

Just search on Vegas Quickies... and have fun!


Exciting news! The Phantom Rose Graveyard has been listed as one of the TOP 10 GRAVEYARDS in SL, in slGoth Magazine! This great new publication offers their readers a look at all the interesting gothic sites and events in Second Life. I have placed a kiosk at the Graveyard, so stop by and pick up a copy. :-) You can also click the link to the left to go to their website!