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Phantom Rose Castles For Rent

Phantom Rose is a unique sim made up of a group of 25 islands.   We have 14 castles, The Opera House, The Phantom's Lair, Swan Lake, The Cathedral, The Graveyard, The Ruins, Mountain Skate Park, Pirate Island, The Mermaid Grotto, a huge Waterfall swimming area with swimmer hub, horse trails and much more! NEW: Tai Chi!

Each of our beautiful castles has an imposing central hall for entertaining. Spacious and open, the decorating opportunities are endless. You have 2 floors of living space, plus Tower Rooms and roof top patios, with stunning views of the water. You also have a private beach! Each Castle comes with a direct TP, and is equipped with a radio for your own music, an Intan Couples Dance Remote, locking doors and security system.  Every Castle sits on its own private mountain within its seperate parcel outside of chat range from the neighbors.  Castles are rented by the prims. For example 300 prims would be $750L per week.. Its just like owning your own land, but better!!

Phantom Rose offers you a complex network of waterways for water sports, the Lovely Swan Lake, spooky and haunting Graveyard, and the fabulous Opera House - for all residents and their guests! In addition, there are horse trails that follow along the water, up mountains and over a suspension bridge. Swimming and diving at Pirate Island, with the Mermaid Grotto below. All set in beautiful landscape, realistic nature sounds and lovely water views. Come experience the lush beauty, the romance and the intrigue that is Phantom Rose, in this laid back and friendly sim. Roleplay is encouraged but not strictly enforced. If you've been interested in role play, but been intimidated by other roleplay sims, then this is the place to start!

Please contact Lannorra Sion for a castle tour!