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Created in August 2012

Welcome to Phantom Rose Estates at Inworldz!

A beautiful Estate inspired by New Orleans and the bayou. Come experience the romance and intrigue that is Phantom Rose! We are a gothic, somewhat victorianish sim. I don't enforce roleplay, but please be considerate and try to stay roleplay friendly. Be aware that the sim is Vampire friendly. Thank you.

Phantom Rose recently underwent an expansion that now includes 5 sims to explore: Phantom Rose, Phantom Nights, Phantom Mists, Phantom Dreams and Phantom Isles.

Please use the links to the right and left to read more about Phantom Rose Estates.


I welcome you here to explore and enjoy.  I only ask that you respect the privacy of my Residents.  Please check for which homes are available before entering any.  There is a Rental area next to the Bird Sanctuary. It has a picture viewer of my rentals and a Landmark giver to the homes that are available and may be toured. 

Thank you,

Lannorra Sion, Owner/Creator

Contact me at:

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