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Phantom Rose - Inworldz

Dark Nights Role Play Area

Lannorra Sion, Sim Creator/Builder & Owner

Welcome to Dark Nights rolepay area!

As you go thru the levels of Dark Night, look for the Heart with cross symbol. It signifies that there is a MLP animation available. Click it and enjoy. PLEASE NOTE: When you are done using the balls, just stand up. They will eventually stop and if you stop while you are on them, you WILL be flung about and most likely out of the area! You have been warned!

Please make sure you have read your Covenant for Dark Nights. This is restricted area for group members only. None of the animations will work if you do not wear your group tag. Membership is free. By joining you are agreeing to follow the Covenant. The area is open to all creatures of the night and other fantasy beings. Please use (( )) when you need to speak out of character.

My intention in making Dark Nights, is to give gothic creatures a safe place in which to roleplay. Evocative, full of mystery and intrigue, Dark Nights welcomes you to the Shadows... Happy Hunting!


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