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Phantom Rose - Inworldz

Dark Nights Covenant


Welcome To Phantom Rose and Dark Nights!

Please use the scroll bar to the right to read the entire Covenant.

Dark Nights is a group for vampires, voodoo and all creatures of the night. This is a mature group, designed for roleplay at Phantom Rose's Dark Nights area.

The Dark Nights roleplay area has several areas levels of space to use in many ways; some on the ground and some in the air. I have provided some props, animations etc. to help the participants get in the mood and to give some direction for your scenario's.

Section One is very important. It is the Rules. Please read and IM Lannorra Sion if you have any questions.

Section Two is a description of some of the amenities included at the Dark Nights RP Area.


1. All participants of roleplay at Dark Nights must be members of the group. By Joining the group, you agree to the terms of this Covenant.

2. No child avatars are allowed at Dark Nights or as members of the group. Any child avatars will be removed without warning. Small animals or other non human races (e.g. Tinies, furries) are allowed if they fit the overall roleplay.

3. Roleplay is open by agreement of all participants and must be held specifically at the Dark Nights Restricted Area. If on the surface of Phantom Rose Estate, you must follow that Covenant, which differs from this one, so be aware!

4. Biting and partial nudity are acceptable at Dark Nights. However, they must stay in the Dark Nights Restricted area. The Graveyard and other areas on the surface may be used as a rp prelude, but all public chat and rp must conform to the Phantom Rose Covenant. Please read it. Ignorance of the covenant will not reverse a banning.

5. There is to be no harassment of participants; no means no. Please do not cause me to have to ban you from Phantom Rose.

6. Sex acts are not allowed at Dark Nights at all. What you say in personal IMs is your business.

8. You may conduct your roleplay in Chat. But be aware that by being in chat, you are in roleplay with anyone in hearing distance. Please be considerate to others. Do not deliberately ruin their scenario. If there is a conflict and I have to make a ruling, no one will like the outcome. So play nice and make this fun.

9. I reserve the right to ban anyone I believe is causing conflict and ruining the fun for everyone else. That said, be aware that I will insist on proof about things and will not engage in "witch hunts".

10. Roleplay arguments and conflict are fine. Just make sure all participants realize this is roleplay. Use the (( out of character)) brackets and timely IMs to make sure everyone is on same page and comfortable.

Please remember that I am giving a space (and prims) for Vampires and other gothic creatures to have fun and roleplay. I warn you that I will remove the area if it cause my residents, customers, or ME too much drama or conflict. So please be considerate of my sims. It is my hope that we can grow the vampire (and goth) community at Inworldz. I have made the Dark Nights area covenant as broadly as I can to facilitate a wide range of roleplay.


GROUND LEVEL: Dark Nights originally was located above the Phantom Rose Graveyard. RP is still encouraged in that area, however, the Phantom Rose Covenant rules must be followed. Please read them, there are several givers placed around Phantom Rose.

On Phantom Nights, the Dark Nights welcome area is the starting point for new members. It contains a group joiner and other information. The Witch/Druid area has been moved to the surface. I do plan to offer a mature upper level for them also. Voodoo will also have a surface area.

I encourage the use of the surface area to start your RP. I have provided quite a bit of space with a gothic friendly atmosphere to help you immerse into your RP.

LEVEL ONE: The Magic Door Entrance to Dark Nights brings you here. There are some optional roleplay accessories available at the entrance. You may return there anytime to purchase them as you become familiar with the activities. I will be adding more features as time goes on. At the moment, I wanted to get a place started, where our goth community could feel comfortable and congregate. I am open to suggestions, please drop a notecard on me if you have one.

Level One is an open, beginning area, where you can lurk in the shadows and fog and begin your roleplay. The entrance to Bon Temps Mansion is at the far end.

LEVEL TWO: You enter into Bon Temps Mansion. The mansion's first floor is divided into space for a ballroom and a throne room, where Vampires, Demons, etc can sit in splendor with their familiars/minions at their feet.

Outside the Bon Temps Mansion, is the Voodoo Circle area. There is a rezzing circle dance available for ceremonies (click to rezz, sit on dance ball, click the dance circle to start rotate). Coming soon is a menu of several automated Rituals. The dance Circle is appropriate for many different roleplay groups, including witches, pagans, etc. The music for the area is very conducive to rp.

The second floor of Bon Temps Mansion has a conference room that can be used by anyone. It is intended for Clan meetings, etc. The other room is the Ceremonial Room, where you may hold rituals and rites. I am working on some automated ones that I hope to be able to offer soon. For the meantime, if you would like to rez objects for a Ritual, please contact Lannorra Sion.

DEMONS LEVEL: Demons have their own place in Hades. I have set up a very atmospheric area for Demon RP. There is a ceremonial area and I am more than happy to add more for the Demon Community upon request. If you have an ideas please IM me.

WITCH/DRUID/VOODOO: The magic dealers have their own spots on the surface of Dark Nights. There are areas set up for ceremonies and RP. Voodoo is also present at the outdoor part of Bon Temps Mansion.

LEWT: I have added an exciting new RP feature, called Lewt. Lewt allows you to gather resources around the estate and make specialty items for your RP for FREE. Please go to the Lewt level to find out more about how to use the Lewt system and make your FREE RP items. More will be added as time goes by.

I hope you will enjoy Phantom Rose's Dark Nights. Good Hunting!

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